We will create music for your game

Music is pivotal when we talk about pc and console games. It is not only a video but a complex game that gamer, together with the programme, controls. In order to create better gaming, the gamer must have excellent visual but also sound experience. With the use of multiple melodies and sounds we are able to reach effect of prediction. Based on our podcast you can partially predict what should or is going to happen in the scene/game.

We take these factors into consideration while creating music podcast for a game:
target group
game dynamics
graphic and animation style
particular level of the game

We start composing the podcast for a videogame at the same time as the developers start creating it. After getting the first animations and visual, we make melodies. Then we customize the music to fit the main characters and the storyboard of the game. We want it to be in line with the style and mission of the game.

Main Advantages of Our Production:
we understand the programming terminology – easies communication with developers
we compose dynamic music – changes based of games´ automation
we have full control over the sound dramatization – dynamic sound changes
we are gamers – big fans of all games from 8-bit to modern consoles

Does your game have better graphics and gameplay like PONG?