Tailored Film Music

The process of choosing the right music for a video, fairy tale, film or commercial has always been a big challenge because there are many music genres and types nowadays. Using any given genre you can dramatically influence the emotions of your audience. It is therefore necessary for music to match the visual side of individual scenes and the plot as a whole.

We take these parameters into consideration when creating audio podcast:
target group (of listeners/audience)
message of the film, fairy tale or the marketing message of the commercial
actors and various animated characters
producer´s ideas
current trends in the given field/industry

After the selection of musical genre we create drafts that we link with a visual. Then we consult the next development of music with our client. When creating more complex videos we send our partners individual samples and we can therefore work towards satisfaction of both involved parties.

Music composing can run on multiple levels:
before starting/during recording – composition drafts according to storyboard
directly to video - composition based on cuts and scenes
music composing for later final cut
after finishing this stage, we mix the recording and get it ready for mastering

My scheme and storyboard are ready