Music for Performers

Members of our team come from the music industry and we put our enthusiasm into composing music full of unique melodies from extraordinary but also popular genres. The challenge for us is to materialize and “refresh” author´s feelings. We try and harmonize the music with the lyrics because we understand that this is the only way how to make the song into a real and unforgettable story. We compose this type of music together with the artist. We are able to provide full musical background either with live or digital instruments according to the needs.

○ Pop ○ RnB ○ Hip-Hop ○ Rock ○ Ska ○ Metal ○ Ambiental ○ Dubstep ○ Drum’n Bass ○ Folk ○ Glitch ○ and many more

We take these factors into consideration while composing music:
performer´s feelings
performer´s style
lyrics and its meaning
musical expectations of the performer
song´s message
symbiosis between lyrics and music

In order to get any performers flow we are more than happy to have a jam session with them. We are flexible, open to any new possibilities and challenges. You can call our production as “music without borders”.

Main Advantages of Our Production:
we see production objectively
we try and create melodies in emotional stasis of text and message
we consult the progress with the performer – we brainstorm together
we provide live and electronical material

There is a big echo in the shower